“Home is made for coming from / for dreams of going to / which with any luck will never come true.”   — “Wand’rin’ Star”, from the musical Paint Your Wagon 

AFTER NINE YEARS ON THE ROAD I’ve decided, contrary to the popular RV bumper sticker, home is not where you park it. It’s not in a building or in a physical location either. It’s within us. As the original saying goes, home really is where our heart is. Or our mind. Or our soul. Or our dreams. Home is a feeling, not a place.

I rarely felt at home in the home sweet home of my childhood. I felt so different from my family. The benevolent and harmless folks I shared quarters with just didn’t feel like my people. It would have explained so much if it turned out I had been adopted. And it would have explained everything if I had been left by space aliens.

So, where was my true home? 

For a couple of decades it was California. It really felt like the right place for me, both SoCal and the Bay Area. It felt natural. California must have been the planet of my origin.

Then things changed. Neither California nor myself were what they used to be. I needed to be………. somewhere else. Throw a dart.

I found a new job in North Carolina. Both the job and the location were a bad fit. It was definitely not home. But I stuck it out for 17 years because… I don’t know. A degree of predictability and security? Laziness? Self-hatred?

Inside I knew it was time—way past time—for a change. Not wanting to make another mistake, I did a lot of research. Best cities… best small towns… best foreign countries… best climate… best cost of living… best safety… 

I learned I couldn’t afford the appealing places. And the places I could afford would be exchanging one wrong place for another.

What instead?

Well, what if I just wandered around, like Travels with Charley and Blue Highways? Another discontented man on the loose.

Shortly after that thought I discovered Bob Wells, and since you’re reading this site, you know the rest of the story.

This life is my home. The best one I ever had. I am at peace. I’m at home in my skin. My heart, mind and soul are in harmony. I am in my natural habitat. May you also find your true home.