by | Jul 6, 2021

Keep checking your rig’s roadworthiness

We’ve probably all heard the advice to have the vehicle where’re thinking of buying throughly inspected by a trustworthy mechanic first. I suggest that’s not the last time we should do that, because unexpected breakdowns are particularly hard on nomads. Many of the...

Little Buddy heater 20-pound tank hack

The Mr. Heater Little Buddy is powerful enough to heat a small space. (3,800 BTU/hour) There are two drawbacks, though, both of which this hack solves. The first issue is that the Little Buddy is tall and top heavy and can easily tip over, even with the plastic ring...

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Immigrant spirit

I was standing on a bluff in northern Denmark, gazing out at the North Sea. I had come to see where my great-grandfather had lived. It was also the place he had decided to leave. He had wanted a different life, a better life. Even if it meant leaving behind his...

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From the editor

Hi, I’m Al Christensen. Bob has chosen me to be the editor, administrator and chief worrywart of the Cheap RV Living website. Let me give a brief explanation of how we’ve reorganized things. Nearly all of Bob’s blog posts from the past years have been moved to the...

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What is enough?

Minimalism is about living with only the necessities, not living without them. It’s not about righteous deprivation and suffering. And, despite what some minimalist might preach, everyone’s idea of “necessities” is different.We vehicle dwellers are minimalists to one...

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Testing stovetop ovens

As the old Pillsbury jingle used to tell us, nothin’ says lovin’ like something from the oven. Mmmm, breads, cakes, roasts, pizza, fish sticks (I love fish sticks)… But if you’re living in something other than an RV, travel trailer or truck camper you probably don’t...

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