THE FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY would like everyone in the country to have a minimum set of supplies at hand to hold you over until help arrives or the situation returns to normal. They’ve provided a list of 11 things.

We vehicle dwellers already have it covered. First of all, we have the luxury of avoiding areas with seasonal disaster cycles — blizzards, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, wildfires, landslides… But if we get stuck in place by some unforeseen event, we’re already supplied with necessities for living off-grid. No power? No plumbing? No problem.

There’s also a supplemental list.

Looking over the two lists, there’s one thing I don’t have covered: cash. If the grid goes down, so does my ability to pay with a card or get cash from an ATM. I should have a few hundred bucks stashed away.

Some of you will say we should also have weapons in case desperate people come for our stuff. That’s up to you.

It might not take a big disaster to make us glad we’re well prepared. It could be something relatively small and localized, like the road from your dispersed campsite being blocked by a fallen tree or rockslide. Or you could, oops, get your rig stuck in a patch of sand or mud. So the lists above might be supplemented with items like a shovel, a saw or axe, a come-along, a tow rope, traction mats, and sturdy gloves.

Even if we have all the supplies and gear to handle trouble, it’s even better to avoid it. Be alert, be aware of the weather and terrain, listen to your instincts, and take care of your rolling shelter.