This society is so abusive we need to find a path to escape it. Living in a car, van or RV (vandwelling)  is an excellent way to do that.
We have a thread going on my forum that is so interesting and important I want to share some of it with you. First, I’m going to copy the Original Post here in italics, and then I’m going to include my response after it as the text of this blog post. I did elaborate more for this post, but my basic ideas were all in the forum post. You can find the whole thread here:
I’m curious to hear from others who chose the vandwelling lifestyle because they felt like the typical, American lifestyle was sucking the life force out of them? 
I have been feeling like I’ve been selling my soul to the devil for the past 8 years at my current job.  I keep trying to conform to my employer’s expectations just to get my paycheck.  It is literally killing me. 
I know that the vandwelling lifestyle will not problem free, but I realize now that I’m truly in search of freedom. I’ve felt like a prisoner, a slave to my job, and just plain miserable most of the time. Wondering what us the point of all this???
I’ve been trying to reason with myself that it’s best for me financially to stay on this job just 6 more months, until I nearly finish up my lease.  But it is like now that I know freedom does exists and I don’t have to wait until I retire at age 67 to enjoy life, it’s that much harder to force myself to go through the motions and fake it.
I would love to hear stories and/or encouragement from those of you who chose this lifestyle before retirement age!
Some people will tell you that you’re just running away and that won’t help. But running away is perfectly right and healthy when you are in an abusive relationship, and this entire society is built on abusing it’s citizens (I have many post describing how we are abused and I will write more in my next post describing the abuse) the very best thing you can do is to run away from it!!.
But our abusers control every aspect of our lives and they’re doing everything they can to convince us that we’re not being abused. They say to us in a million different ways, “A miserable life is normal, but it’s for your own good !!! You’re required to be unhappy–otherwise you will eat dog food when you get old–and you certainly don’t want that!”
They do what all abusers do and try to convince you there is something wrong with you for wanting to get out of it. You are the unhealthy and sick one–IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!!!!
They say, “You owe it to family, society and country to stay and keep working. Nobody owes you anything–NO-You owe them for being so good to you! You should be grateful, not complaining!”
Not only is that what every abuser says, but sadly that’s what many, or even most, abused people come to believe themselves–they will even defend the abuser and try to convince you to stay and be abused. But you can’t hate them, they are victims of the Stockholm Syndrome and are victims themselves, but neither can you listen to them.
The problem is that for some people this is a very pleasant house of abuse, and the abuse seems so mild and rewards so great they gladly put up with a life of slavery, drudgery, monotony, mediocrity and just barely surviving. They accept barely living paycheck to paycheck while making someone else filthy rich, as just the cost of living.

It’s no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.      ~~J. Krishnamurti

How could we possibly have allowed that to happen to us?
Here are some of the main ways they control us:

  1. Fear for our old age is one of their primary weapons. They want your old age to be risky and dangerous so you have to obey them. They make sure that without them, it will be miserable!
  2. They also use lifelong propaganda (mainly schools and the media) to instill an extremely  deep fear into you that you can’t possibly survive without them. You need them so much that no matter how unpleasant your life is with them, don’t even think about trying to break away!! It will be far worse by yourself!!!
  3. They’ve made our society so specialized that we can’t solve hardly any of our own problems and meet any of our own basic needs. We are so dependent on others we will certainly die without them to provide for, care for and protect us.
  4. They have passed so many laws that trying to live any other way but the way they demand you live is either illegal or so difficult it’s impractical.

IT’S ALL A LIE!! Get out, as soon as you can!
Let me tell you the only debt you really OWE–You owe it to yourself to live a happy life!!

Vandwelling: A Clear Path to Escape the Abuse

Vandwelling is the very best way to do that!!!! If you can reduce your expenses low enough, you don’t need much money and can live as free from the abusive system as possible. It’s fairly easy to earn enough when you live as cheaply as we do by living in a car, van or RV  Here are 8 common jobs for nomads:
Can you see yourself working at any of them? If so then here is a path of escape:

  1.  I know how miserable you are, but that is mainly because you are so hopeless. Once you start on this path of escape I believe you will find so much hope and joy that it will enable you to stay at that job long enough to pay off your debt and get into the vehicle you will live in. The key thing is there is a definite end to your suffering coming up very soon. You can endure anything for a short time, if you are certain it is just for a short time.   Keep your eye on the prize, telling them to take that job and shove it!!!
  2. You must have an emergency fund, I strongly suggest $3000-$5,000 as a minimum.
  3. Start now getting rid of all your stuff and selling it for everything you can, all of that money goes in your emergency fund.
  4. Start taking trips and getting used to nomadic living. If at all possible join the tribe at a gathering near you.
  5. Try to move into your vehicle home and continue to work, paying your rent or mortgage payment to yourself–be the LORD of your own life instead of giving  a landlord that power.
  6. When you’ve nearly got the money you need, start looking for one of these jobs. When you’ve got one, quit your job at home and hit the road. Take some time to be free and travel, and then go to your nomad job. That’ll build confidence in your new way of life and put even more money in your pocket.
  7. If at all possible, come to the RTR at Quartzsite, you’ll find a tribe and build confidence and learn so much.  While you’re there, it’s very likely you can get one of the jobs I describe.

You can do this!

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