MANY PEOPLE KNOW LOU BROCHETTI as the guy with the cool vardo-style trailer he built himself. In his past life he had built hotrods, wooden boats, and experimental planes. He’s a skilled craftsman.

Although Lou enjoyed nomadic life, what he really wanted was piece of land and room for a workshop. He found property in New Mexico, sold the vardo, and built a one-room tiny house.

But Lou still loved going out into the back country, especially if it involved fly fishing. So he built a small camper to use for short trips.

It’s equipped with solar power, a refrigerator, and propane for heating and cooking. There’s also a surprising amount of headroom and storage for such a compact space. There’s even more storage if you count the space in the truck cab.

You might not have the skills, tools and resources Lou has, but his camper could inspire some ideas.