AFTER A YEAR AND A HALF running this site for Bob, plus about six months before that writing a pile of articles, it’s time for me to make like a nomad and move on.

My goal has been to create a site that’s entertaining, informative and inspiring — the type of site I would like to read myself. But that’s exhausting, particularly when it’s essentially a solo effort. Research, writing, graphics, trying to come up with new topics, butting my head against algorithms and search engine optimization (which encourage vapid, formulaic writing) and all that. The site is always on my mind. The pressure is always there.

Hey, I’m supposed to be living my golden retirement years stress free, wandering the land without a care, right?

So this is my last post — as the editor, anyway. I might contribute from time to time.

A new editor will begin next week. It might take them a while to figure out the site’s technicalities, so be patient. I predict my replacement will do such a great job with the content that all y’all will forget about me — if you haven’t already.

See you down the road.