There have been some major changes in my life recently! As you may have noticed, all my videos have been removed from the Enigmatic Nomadic YouTube channel–that was a mutual decision between James and I. We had creative differences about the direction of the channel and, of course, it was his channel to do with as he saw fit. I’m not one that likes to fight so rather than fight we simply agreed to disagree and parted ways amicably as friends. I wish James all the best, and hope you will all continue to subscribe and follow his channel and watch his videos. He does great work!!
I have a new channel and here’s the link–I believe you will all love it!
The great majority of the old videos will be re-edited and posted on my new channel. On many of them all I need to do is change the card at the very beginning of the video so it doesn’t say a collaboration between Enigmatic and Cheaprvliving. But video is never that easy! After that it still must be re-rendered and uploaded to Youtube and that takes time and bandwidth. Some of them must be totally re-edited from the original raw footage and they will take longer for me to get to.
A very few of the old videos will be lost forever, fortunately, not many, just 4 or 5. I’m very sorry about that but it was just the inevitable result of the split. To be honest some of them were fairly low quality and I’ll be glad to reshoot them and make them a little better.
I’ve shot an introductory video for my new channel, you can find it here.

The truth is I have fallen in love with making videos. I love the creative nature of it and  the immediate feedback I get from it. Most of all I love the impact it has on people! I would never have guessed I would be any good on video (I’m certainly not photogenic!!) but people seem to like it so I’m very pleased by that.
My biggest problem has been finding time to do everything I want and need to do. That’s been made much worse right now because I have to re-edit all the old videos and continue to make new ones at the same time. I had already shot a dozen videos that needed to be edited and now I can’t get to any of them. I’ve decided that the only way I can keep up is by hiring some people to help me. So I’ve “hired” a friend to help as my social media director and another friend will take over a lot of the routine video editing for me. With their help, you should be seeing lots more new content coming up on the channel very, very soon.

My camp near Salt Lake where I went to pick up my son.

My camp near Salt Lake where I went to pick up my son last week.

Just this last week something wonderful happened but also something that consumed a huge amount of my time–my son came down from Alaska to visit Utah. After his visit last April, he has fallen in love with the beauty of the state of Utah and is planning to visit often. That’s a win-win for everyone because it’s one of my favorite places anywhere and I’ll get to see him more by showing him around!  So I dropped everything and drove a thousand miles to travel around the state with him. I love having the life of a nomad that lets me do that!!!
But imagine my consternation that it happened just as James and my situation came to a head! Just when I have all this new work to do, I’m driving around Utah instead–and even worse, about half the time I don’t even have internet connection! My life became utter chaos and I’ve just been overwhelmed by all that’s on my plate!!! Of course I wouldn’t miss being with my son for anything in the world! Spending time with him is my greatest joy and worth any minor cost, so all these other distraction just had to go to the backburner.
He’s flown home to Alaska now and with my friends coming on board to help, I believe you’re going to see an unprecedented level of quality videos produced very quickly. Believe me when I say, the very best is yet to come!
The mountains in the distance are above Slat Lake City--they had lots of snow on them!

The mountains in the distance are above Salt Lake City–they had lots of snow on them!

Some people noticed and commented on the small amount of snow on the mountains in the background of the video. That was actually the Great Basin National Park and it had a little snow. But when I drive down to get my son from Salt Lake City (where he flew into) it had a ton of new snow on it’s mountains. In fact my camp for that first night was in the mountains above Kamas Utah and I camped in about 4 inches of new snow! Winter is on it’s way to the high country–get ready!

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The road to my camp.

The road to my camp, September 24, 2016.