This is a F40C4TMP 30-quart compressor refrigerator. Let me explain the odd name. F40 is for Fahrenheit 40 degrees, C4 is Celsius 4 degrees, and TMP is temperature. Some names are just too cute. But I have reasons to believe this is a pretty good nomad life fridge for the price.

The specifications

The F40C4TMP can run on either 12V DC or 110V AC and has two cooling modes: Max for rapid cooling (which uses 45W), and Eco (which uses 36W) for saving energy. It can cool down from 77°F/25°C to freezing in about 15 minutes.

It has selectable 3-level battery protection that turns off the fridge when your battery level gets too low, then turns the fridge back on when adequate power returns.

The noise level of this refrigerator is 45 dB, which is like the background noise of a quiet office, falling rain or a typical household fridge.

Choosing two smaller fridges rather than one large one

I’ve been buying 55-, 60-quart fridges That usually cost me five to six hundred dollars. For that price I can buy two of these. And that’s what I’ve done, because now that I have an ambulance I have a lot more room. 

There are a couple of benefits with two refrigerators. The first is that it provides redundancy. If one of them fails I still have another. The second is that I can use one as a fridge and the other as a freezer. These can cool down to -7.6°F/-22°C. 

Two fridges isn’t a solution for everybody, but it’s going to work really well for me. It may be a solution for some of you. Nomad living is a big tent. Some of you have big vehicles and you can have two smaller fridges. Some of you can’t, you only have to have one larger fridge. We’re all different, there’s no right or wrong out here. It’s whatever works for you.

To give you an idea whether two—or even one—of these fridges will fit in your rig, the external dimensions of the F40C4TMP are about 22.6 by 12.6 by 15.5 inches (57.4 x 32 x 39 cm). And since this fridge has inset handles it takes up less space. The internal dimensions are approximately 14 x 10 x 12 inches (35.5 x 25.4 x 30.4 cm).

My large refrigerators held a lot of stuff, but that meant digging through that stuff—or removing it—to get what’s at the bottom. I hated that. There’s less digging with smaller fridges. That might not be important to you, but after living with large refrigerators it important to me.

Even if you have only one of these refrigerators, you’d still have a more than adequate fridge for much less than the big name brands.

Some other things

The compressors in refrigerators create a little heat, because compressing gases and liquids raises their temperature. That heat needs to escape to keep the compressor from eventually failing. So you need to locate the fridge where air can flow in and out of its vents.

Also, if the fridge has been tipped on its side or upside down during shipping or unpacking, let it sit upright for about a day before turning it on in order to let the coolant flow back to its proper place.


I’ve been using the 30-quart F40C4TMP for over a year now, and it’s still going strong. I’ve never lost any food from overfreezing or underchilling. 

There are occasionally price drops on the F40C4TMP on Amazon. So if you have time to wait, you might add it to your wish list and track the price.