SO, HERE’S THE SHORT OF IT: According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, La Niña conditions in the Pacific combined with a strong Polar Vortex mean temperatures in the northern US will be probably be colder than usual this winter while temperatures in the southern and eastern US will probably be warmer than usual. 

The forecast shows that odds are leaning toward above-average temperatures being favored in an area that stretches from the Desert Southwest to Texas, the Southeast and portions of the immediate Eastern Seaboard.

Locations from the Pacific Northwest into the Northern Plains and upper Mississippi Valley have odds tilted toward a colder-than-average December to February.

Keep in mind this outlook is an overall three-month trend. Therefore, we will likely see periods that are warmer or colder in each respective region.

This doesn’t mean it will be swimsuit weather all across the southern part of the country. It’ll just be a few degrees warmer with a little less precipitation. At least it probably won’t be colder than usual. I’m committed to spending the winter in southern New Mexico, so this is good news for me — and for a lot of snowbirds. For those in the North who enjoy cold weather, and to whom I can’t relate at all, you’ll have more of that stuff you love. Brrrrrrr.