This years Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR) is going to start in just a few days on January 6th, 2015 and to make it as easy as possible for you to locate it, today I’m mainly posting maps and a schedule of events. I’ll also throw in some information you may need.
Do I need to get a permit and where do I get it? You do need to get a permit, fortunately it’s free and just a formality but you do  need to get it.You can’t get it till you get her so it’s something you have to wait on  There is a camp host on the way into the RTR campsite and all you have to do is stop and and have them give you one. There camp is pretty well marked. It’s on your right, about half way into camp, while you are still on the main paved road.

What will the weather be like? The desert can be surprisingly cold so you want to come ready for cold, windy and rainy weather. I’d recommend bringing a Mr. Buddy heater or at least very warm clothing and bedding. If you are going to be in a tent, you should have your car or van set up to live in if the weather turns really nasty.

Notice that nearly every person in this picture has a coat, hat and gloves. You should bring them also!

Can I get water or a shower? Water is very easy to get in Quartzsite at vending machines and it’s usually 25 cents a gallon. If you have tanks there are many places to dump and get fresh water. You can take a shower at one of the laundromats in town for $7 and they also have free WIFI and a little cafe. There is a free landfill just north of town.

Coordinates for Camp at the RTR:

33°39’03.0″N   114°08’45.4″W

Is there shopping? There are a few stores in Quartzsite but they have a very limited selection and their prices are high. The nearest shopping at a larger grocery store is in Blythe which is about 20 miles away and the nearest Walmart is Parker which is 40 miles away. So you’re best bet is to stock up before you get here so you need to the least amount of shopping possible.
There is a store in town that will receive packages for you from UPS or FedEx named Quiet Times. Most of the times it’s $1 per package. This is there address:

  • Your Name
  • C/O Quiet Times
  • 90 E. Main
  • Quartzsite, AZ 85346
A satellite view of the road to camp.

A satellite view of the road to camp.

Is there cell phone and internet? There is a very good 4g Verizon signal in camp and I believe ATT also. There are many places in town where you can get free WIFI.  Most people say the Burger King has the fastest and you can plug in while online. There is an office supply store in town that receives UPS and FedEx packages for $1 per package so you can get packages while you are here.
Will there be a toilet? I will set up one potty tent and it will have a 5 gallon bucket in it. I will also have trash bags, toilet paper and wet wipes in it. It will be for solids only and once you’ve defecated into the bag it’s your responsibility to wrap that up, take it with you and dispose of it yourself. Do not leave it for me!!!!! For liquids, you can go in there and pee into your own pot (none are provided–Do not pee into the 5 gallon bucket!) then you have to dispose of it.
Will there be a Give Away Pile again? Yes!! This is one of the most popular things at the RTR! I’ll set out a tarp and everyone can bring things they no longer want and leave it on there. (Please, don’t bring crap that no one wants! At the end of the RTR I’ll take it all to the local thrift stores and there is always quite a bit I take straight to the dump.) Most will be free but if you want money for it, it must be very clearly marked or we will assume it’s free. There will be announcements every day and if you need help, have things or services for sale, or just about anything, I will announce it. It’s very important that we support each other so that is encouraged.
Come and meet me! I have to warn you that I am very busy at the RTR but even so I want to at least meet everyone who comes. I also need to warn you that I have a poor memory so I may not remember your name or even you, especially if all we have done is emailed–those don’t stick in my brain well at all. If you will remind me of how I know you, we will both avoid some embarrassment!
Here is a schedule of events. Everything is subject to change, in fact the American Sign Language class has already been canceled.
The meals are canned foods, so for the soup dinner bring a can of soup and for the chili dinner bring a can of chili. Have them at the main campfire by noon that day. Every year people bring food too late for it to go into the pot so please bring it early. Also, the more people who bring fresh foods the better!! So if you want to fry up a pound of hamburger or onions for the chili or any vegetable for the soup, please do!! However!! Do not bring raw hamburger, onion or carrots and expect us chop it or saute it, we won’t have time.  Anything you want to go into the pot should come ready to go into the pot. Cornbread or deserts would also be very welcome!
For all events you need to bring your own chair, plate, bowel and drink. None of that will be provided.

See ya soon!!!

Schedule of seminars at this years RTR.