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Welcome, thank you so much for visiting my website,! This site is dedicated to helping you discover an entirely new alternative lifestyle—nomadic living—that can radically change, and hopefully drastically improve, the quality of your life. I have two goals for our time together, 1) to Inspire you to make the leap of faith required to explore the nomadic life, and 2) teach you everything you need to know to make it a successful leap!

However, there is a slight problem with that; because I began the website in 2005, and have worked hard at it ever since, there is an enormous amount of information here—that is a good problem to have! The hard part is making it easily searchable and findable for you. This page is to help you make good use of the site.

Some information is accessible by using the Menu buttons across the top of the Home Page. The most commonly sought information is available from there, but the answer to specific questions is probably not, so where do you go to easily find all the deep reservoir of knowledge this site contains?

The answer we discovered is an app called Knowledge Base that is installed on this site.

When you go to the Knowledge Base page, you’ll find Headings that cover each topic of Nomadic Living. All you need to do is find the heading that covers the topic you are curious about, then read through the list of posts about that topic to find the one most like what you are interested in, then click on it to read the article.

Some topics can fit under more than one heading, for example, you might be looking for info on how much solar power you need to run a refrigerator so you can search for “refrigeration,” “cooking,” or “solar,” and hopefully find an article that can help you.

Hopefully you can find an answer to all your questions using those search functions!


  1. Gail Ferrera Sortomme

    My heart felt thanks to Bob for everything he has and continues to do for the Nomad community!!!
    You are a TRUE HERO with a servants heart and I will forever cherish everything you have inspired in me to live my nomad life. Love You!!!!

  2. Jason

    I think what you are doing is great.
    I am contacting you to ask some questions regarding nomadic living.
    First some back story me and my wife are both on disability we barely make it check to check.
    My wife is legally blind has symptoms similar to ms and parkinson’s has degenerative disc and joint disease as well as heart and BP issues.
    we have 3 large breed dogs one of which is 11 yr old great Dane service dog and 2 ten mo old mastiff puppies.
    We’ve been together for 22 years.
    I am receiving a settlement and I am buying a truck and financing a tiny house on a trailer which brings me to my questions: how can my wife with her complex medical issues adapt to life on the road?
    How can we get her medical care and still be mobile?
    Is there virtual drs that can prescribe no matter where u are located?


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