One of the great anxiety producers of nomadic living is the possibility of a breakdown. Or a malfunctioning system. Or just one too many flat tires.

It has been my philosophy to worry the least about the things that are least likely to happen, but to be vigilant and prepared for that which is more likely and, in some cases, inevitable at some point.

How can we better know which repairs we should be most concerned about? What if we had some sort of data we could refer to? Well, let’s collect some. From all y’all.

Tell me what you’ve needed to repair during your vehicle-dwelling life. Major, minor, once, repeated… Everything you can think of. Send your response to or leave your comments here. Include relevant details, like the age and make of your rig, the circumstances, and particularly the cost and how long your rolling home was out of commission. I’ll go through the information and make some tables and graphs. So we can see what we should worry about. And what we might not need to.