MY TOOL BOX weighs about 30 pounds. I know I’ll never need to use some of my tools, and it would be nice to lighten my load a little. The trouble is, I’m not certain which tools are unnecessary. But I’ve realized there’s a way I can get a hint.

Half in the bag

Ever since I hit the road I’ve kept my metric and SAE wrenches in separate freezer bags inside a zippered nylon bag inside the tool box. But just because I could get organized in the past, that doesn’t mean I stay organized. After finishing a project, eager to move on to something else, I usually just toss the wrenches I used in the box. Or maybe, if I’m less lazy, I’ll slip them into the nylon bag. I almost never put them back in the freezer bags. So, after a while, it becomes apparent which wrenches don’t get used (at least since the last time I went on an organizing binge). They’re the ones still in the freezer bags. Yes, just because I haven’t used them yet it doesn’t mean I never will, but it does give me some decision-making data. Hmmmm, that 11/16 and the 4MM can probably go to new homes.

Half out of the bag

This could work for other items in my rig. For example, I could put my clothing in, say, trash bags before storing them in their bins and cabinets. Then, after doing laundry, I could store them outside the trash bags, because they’ve been used. If there were any clothes still in trash bags by the end of the year, then I would know which clothes I actually wear. I could do the same with dishes, cookware and utensils.

Since the freezer bags my wrenches are in have seen much better days (after all, they were designed to hold food, not metal objects) I splurged on some new bags.  Ooooo, brand new heavy-duty, 2-gallon, double-zip bags! Since I needed only two of them for the wrenches, what could I do with the rest? I feel another organizing binge coming on.