ONE OF THE BEST EXERCISES available to humankind is walking. I know, I know. Not everybody likes to do it, and not everybody can do it. Trust me. I have my days. But my recent camping adventure made me realize that I can do new and wonderful things if I push myself. Like WALK!

Upon reaching my recent campsite at Jordan Lake State Park in North Carolina at the Cross 

Winds Campgrounds, I realized I wasn’t conveniently located near a bathroom. At least it wasn’t as convenient as it looked on the map when I made my reservations.

Now, I have a porta-potty (if you want to know the brand, ask me in the comments, but there’s a lot on the market). However, I like having a brick-and-mortar bathroom nearby. For other reasons, you know.

That’s okay, I thought. I’ll break out the map or start walking around until I find one in my area. So after I got my site set up and Freeda was relaxing, I went on my “restroom” finding mission. About three city blocks later, I found it. Eureka! I thought. 

Then my excitement came crashing down when I saw the sign, “Out of Order – Use the Shower Facilities.” Needless to say, I was a little agitated at this point. I had NO idea where the shower facilities were, so I went back to Freeda and pulled up the campsite map – I sure as heck didn’t feel like wandering around again right away. I was already tired.

So there I am, searching the map and I discover, sure enough, the “Shower Facilities” were about a quarter of a mile away from my campsite. They were in the opposite direction of the “Out of Order” bathrooms.

I know I can make it. I know I need the exercise. But I’m basically a very lazy person. I bit the bullet and walked to the Shower Facilities. The building was down the road and up a hill (actually, it was a minor incline, but it was a HILL to me). 

Here’s the point to my rambling: I discovered that the second time I walked to the facilities, I’d stopped looking down at the road. I was looking straight ahead or even up at the sky a little. What an epiphany this was! 

I stopped being so self-conscious of where I was walking or heading that I could enjoy my surroundings. Again, this was a revelation for me. 

Looking down at the ground to ensure that I didn’t trip on something or avoid eye contact with a car/truck/SUV coming down the road was more important than seeing the trees, sky, or birds. Really. But this time, I felt comfortable enough to enjoy the scenery. 

That’s life, folks. 

We get scared of our situations. We’re intimidated by other people. We panic when we’re out of our comfort zone. We look to the ground as our security and miss the amazing world around us. 

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not advocating walking freely to the point of stepping in a pothole or, God forbid, an open maintenance hole. Watch where you’re walking! But don’t look down all the time. 

Walk when you can. 

Look forward to the beautiful life around you.

Don’t look down.

Don’t take the world for granted.


Don’t give your past the power to define your future.