MANY OF US HAVE SOLAR ON OUR RIGS AND PARK IN THE SUN to generate power for our electrical needs. This also creates heat; if you’re looking to escape the heat, you need a way to keep cool while utilizing the benefits of the sun. A screened-in gazebo-like shelter is one way to get into the shade and expand your living space. But most of them are so difficult to set up and take down they aren’t worth the hassle and space they take up. When I was introduced to the Clam, this problem became a non-issue. These things are fast and easy to set up and take down. Getting outside the rigs into a comfortable bug-free zone during the heat of the day has worked well for us!

Here are several benefits to using Quick Pop-Up Screen Tents.

Easy and Quick Setup

Pop-up screen tents are designed for easy and quick assembly. They typically come with a simple mechanism that allows you to set them up within minutes, saving you time and effort. We timed our setup for this Clam Quick-Set Traveler 6 x 6 Foot Screen Tent. We had it up in 45 seconds and back down in less time than that!

Protection from Insects

Screen tents provide a bug-free zone, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about mosquitoes, flies, or other pesky insects. This can significantly enhance your camping experience, particularly in areas where bugs are prevalent. The no-see-um mesh screen and extra-wide skirt on Clam shelters keep bugs out.

Improved Ventilation

Screen tents usually have mesh walls that promote airflow and ventilation. This allows fresh air to circulate while keeping insects out, ensuring a comfortable and breezy environment inside the tent. We use the wind and sun panel attachments on 2-walls and leave the others open. It gives enough airflow to prevent stuffiness and allows for a constant breeze inside the tent.

Sun Protection

Many screen tents have built-in UV protection to shield you from harmful sun rays. This is particularly beneficial during hot summer days, as it helps prevent sunburn and keeps the interior of the tent cooler.


Pop-up screen tents are incredibly versatile and can be used for multiple purposes. They can serve as an extension of your living space, a place to gather for meals and socialize, or as a space to work during the day. We like to set up our computers inside the tent and enjoy using it as an office. They can even be used as an additional sleeping space if needed.


Although screen tents are primarily designed to provide insect protection, they also offer a certain degree of privacy. The panel attachments can shield you from prying eyes when needed while also allowing you to enjoy the surrounding views.

Lightweight and Portable

Most pop-up screen tents are lightweight and compact, making them easy to travel with. They can be folded into their small carrying bag, occupying minimal space in your gear and allowing you to move freely as a nomad.


While lightweight, screen tents are typically made from durable materials that withstand various outdoor conditions. Look for tents with sturdy frames and high-quality fabrics to ensure they last. As with any tent-like structure, the wind will be an issue and likely damage them. I recommend taking these down on windy days and always using stakes to secure them to the ground.


Screen tents are often more affordable than larger, full-featured camping tents. If you’re on a budget or prefer a more straightforward camping setup, a pop-up screen tent can be a cost-effective solution that still provides essential protection and comfort.

Enhanced Outdoor Experience

By creating a bug-free and comfortable outdoor space, a screen tent can enhance your overall experience. It allows you to fully immerse yourself in nature, enjoy the views, and relax without the disturbances of insects or harsh sun exposure.

Rain Protection

Many screen tents are designed with waterproof materials or come with an additional rainfly. This feature helps keep you dry during unexpected rain showers, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor activities without interruptions. We have been inside of here during a rain storm and kept dry. After a couple of hours, the rain did accumulate in one area of the roof, and you will want to pay close attention to that as the weight and constant moisture may cause damage.

Reduced Condensation

Due to the improved ventilation provided by the mesh walls, screen tents tend to have reduced condensation buildup compared to fully enclosed tents. This can help prevent dampness and maintain a comfortable sleeping environment.

Wildlife Observation

With a screen tent, you can observe wildlife such as birds, squirrels, or deer up close without disturbing them. The mesh walls offer a clear view of the surrounding nature, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of your location while maintaining a safe distance.



TRAVELER MODEL SPECS: Lightweight, portable canopy designed to provide shelter against the elements; Setup inner dimensions measure 6 feet across and 6.8 feet at center height; Hub to hub measures 72 inches wide and 72 inches long; Accommodates up to 4 people

KEEP WATER & BUGS OUT: Taped roof panel resists water to keep you dry inside; High-quality mesh screen and extra-wide skirt help keep bugs, flies, mosquitos, and other insects out

EASY SET UP & TAKE DOWN: Canopy shelter requires zero assembly, is ready to use right out of the box, and takes only 45 seconds to set up; Built in corner grommets for staking down from the inside corners; Hub pull straps for easy setup and I-bolts to secure external tie down straps

CARRY BAG, STAKES, ROPES INCLUDED: Includes an oversized carry bag for easy re-packing, tent stakes, and tie-down ropes to keep the shelter secure; Packed size measures 7 inches long by 7 inches wide by 4.4 feet tall; Weight: 20 Pounds

OPTIONAL RAIN & WIND BLOCKING PANELS: Traveler model has fabric panels (sold separately) that can be attached to the outside to block the wind or rain; Great for serving food for outdoor picnics when it is a little breezy or when the weather is a little cooler




Plus, I really enjoy working inside this. It has plenty of light, but it’s not hot, and I can see my computer screen just fine. In every way, I find it very comfortable.