I’VE BEEN GETTING A BUNCH OF EMAILS from folks saying something like, “I just posted a comment on one of your videos, and you wrote me back and said to contact you on WhatsApp, or some other thing, and you had a gift to give me, or a prize, and all I had to do was send you some money for shipping.” 

It’s a scam. It’s a guy out fishing, looking for some way to rob and cheat you. It has hit epic proportions, so I’m warning you. And it’s not just through me and Cheap RV Living. All sorts of sites and creators are being attacked.

I’m not going to message you, or leave a comment on your comment, or have you contact me on WhatsApp, or ask you to send me money so i can give you a gift. That is never ever going to happen. 

We used to do drawings. It was probably a year since we quit, and this was mainly the reason why. Because every time we did a drawing they would try to scam people. 

The scammers constantly evolve. So next time it may not be WhatsApp or whatever. It may not be that they’ll send you a gift if  you send me the money for the shipping. It’ll be something new. The message might have a stolen picture of me. It might use a variation on Cheap RV Living. But it will be fake. So be alert and suspicious, just don’t reply.

I repeat: I will never contact you offering gifts or prizes. I will never ask for personal information or money. And if I ever do have a reason to contact you, I will provide a way to verify it.