I SAW A HEADLINE announcing a battery-powered microwave, and immediately thought of all the nomads who want to be able to nuke their food but don’t have enough off-grid power to do it. Could this be a solution?

Cordless power tool maker Makita had cast its eyes with despair upon the job sites of the world and beheld hardworking people eating their lunches cold because they had no microwave ovens. So they created the MW001G, which is powered by two of the company’s 40-volt XGT batteries — the same batteries used with their top of the line tools. What? You’re using lesser Makita tools or — shudder — some other brand all together? Well then, you’ll just have to consume your leftovers at ambient temperature, like a savage.

The MW001G is a slick little appliance. However, there’s a catch: it’s not available in the US. But that could change if the product is a success elsewhere.

There’s no pricing info available, but it’s probably safe to assume it will be higher than a basic 700W AC-powered microwave from your basic big box retailer.  And then there’s the cost of the not-included batteries. And, of course, you’d need a power source to recharge those Makita batteries — a source that would probably put out enough juice to run an ordinary microwave instead.

It doesn’t look like the Makita MW001G makes a lot of sense for us nomads unless we already have some 40V XGT batteries lying around. But a microwave like this could open the door to other battery powered microwaves. Maybe one of those will be the perfect answer.

So, what do you think? Personally, I’ve never felt the need for a microwave oven in the ten years I’ve been on the road. I’m in no hurry and cooking the old fashioned way is sort of meditative for me. It’s also one less thing taking up room in my van. But everyone is free to cook or reheat however they want, however works for them.

It’s a little humorous, though, that at one end of the cooking appliance spectrum you have the slow cooking aficionados who don’t mind prepping for dinner before breakfast, and at the other end you have the people who think a few seconds isn’t sufficiently instantaneous. Which are you?