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After the Summer RTR was over, Cheri and I have set up camp in the Sierra NF near the little town of Shaver Lake, CA (Steve went back to WA to take care of some business, he will be back in August). We have a beautiful, secluded campsite with an incredible view down into the valley. Neither of us can believe we have this wonderful life. I’m in town now using the internet and it is packed with people escaping the city, the heat, and their boring lives for the weekend. BUT, we get to be up here for as long as we want. WOW, how lucky are we!?
And we owe it all to being vandwellers. We both live on next to no money because we don’t live in a house. Cheri is in a high-top Ford cargo van that looks like a mansion inside. I am in my 6×10 converted cargo trailer that I love. Cheri lives on $630 a month Social Security pension. I have more coming in a month, but living as cheaply as we do, we both are able to SAVE money every month, even with that little income. My whole life I was never able to save as much as I do now, even though I earned 3 times as much.
I am happier than I have ever been, have no stress in my life and I go camping 365 days a year. Does that sound like something you might be interested in? If so you have come to the right place. In this blog, just like my websites and forum, I have two goals:

  • Inspire you to take a chance, follow your dreams and move into a vehicle, whether it is a car, van or RV.
  • Educate you how to make it happen comfortably and economically.

Of course since this is a blog, I also hope to entertain you, but that remains to be seen!, So whether you are a long-time vandweller, a newbie to the life, or just a dreamer. follow us along our journey and hopefully be entertained, inspired, and educated. Bob


  1. McBe

    Yay! So glad you started the new blog. I’m looking foward to the postings.

    • Bob

      McBe, thanks for the welcome, Hopefully they will be worth your time!! Bob

  2. Karen

    Nice blog Bob! I’ve been reading your writings since websites since the first cheapliving articles – a great resource! Thanks.

    • Bob

      Karen, thank you for the kind words, I’m very glad to have been of some service. Bob

  3. Bri

    Cool Bob…I’ll be following your blog…thanks for letting us know about it…

    • Bob

      Bri, glad to have you here!

  4. Blars

    Hi Bob — thanks for the reference, working as a campground host seems to be working out fine. (not perfect, but nothing is) I’ll get back to doing my blog as soon as I get my computer/networking issues fixed.

    • Bob

      Blars, I’m glad the job is working out! I’m not working this year and I actually miss it!! Campground Hosting in the National Forests is a great job. For everyone following this blog, come to the RTR in Quartzsite this January and we can probably get you a job too!!! Bob

  5. Twokniveskatie

    Testing again

    • Bob

      Hi Katie, your test was successful, here you are!!!!! I am so glad to see you here!! Cheri and I talk about you all the time and the good times we have had together. We both hope you get out here for RTR this January, we can’t wait to see you!! Bob

    • Bob

      Hi Katie, I answered your comment, but I’m not sure it got posted. Are you still having problems with the blog?

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