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I've Published a Book on Vandwelling!

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This is the Cover of my new book. It is a Kindle book, but with a free app you can download it to your PC. The cost is $2.99. Get more info about it here:

After living in a vehicle for over 10 years, and writing countless words about it, I’ve finally tried to write a book that covers the basic How-To’s of vehicle-living. My goal with this book is that it will cover everything you need to start a new life as a vandweller as easily and trouble-free as possible.One thing I’ve noticed is that when the economy crashed in 2008 the traffic to my websites dramatically increased. What was happening was that a huge number of people were loosing their jobs and then eventually being forced out of their homes or apartment.
In desperation they were doing Google searches on “Budget Living” or “living in a car or van” and that led them to my websites. My greatest desire is that they found a sense of hope there and enough information to get them started on a new life. Even now I continue to get several emails every week from people who have lost their job or are being forced out of their homes and are writing to me for advice.
I wrote this book for all those people who are being forced into living in a vehicle because I’ve been there myself and my heart goes out to you. After a bitter divorce I could no longer afford to pay for an apartment so I was forced into living in a van. I will always remember the hopelessness and desperation I felt that first night sleeping in it. I also remember how uncomfortable I was for a long time. I didn’t know how to do anything and there was nothing on the Internet to help me. My goal in this book is to answer the many questions you may be feeling right now.
But I also wrote it for the many tens-of-thousands of people who are entering the vandwelling lifestyle by choice as a reaction to their great discontent with our society. After my divorce had forced me into living in the van, afetr a while, my finances started to improve and I could finally afford to live in an apartment again. But a funny thing happened, I didn’t want to! I had fallen in love with living in a van. For the first time in my life, I was truly happy and content.I firmly believe that the vast majority of Americans are just like I was, living lives of quiet desperation, totally unaware how unhappy they are with modern life. Thankfully, many of them are choosing to do something about it. Since you are here at my blog, I believe you must be one of them. The book is for you.
It is available from for their Kindle eReader. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free app that lets you buy, download and read Kindle books right on your PC or Mac. The book costs $2.99. If you are interested, click here (or cut and paste this address into your browser and give it a try. Bob


  1. Michelle(She)

    Hey Bob bought the book. Thanks!!

    • Bob

      Michelle, thanks for buying it. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I had friends read it but you know they are too kind to give honest feedback. So, I’m looking forward to hearing ways i can improve it. Bob

  2. MichaelinOK

    Publishing a book, especially one that’s intended to help others, is a fine accomplishment.
    I just went to and bought it…and I hope many others do the same…so that you could have a fleet of vans if you wanted them…or several mansions. 🙂

    • Bob

      Michael, I wish!! No there isn’t much money in Kindle books, but that’s okay. First and foremost it is an act of service. BUT, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if it made a little money! bob

  3. Edie

    Hi Bob,
    As soon as your email came on the Vandwellers site last night, I downloaded your book on my kindle for iPad and started reading. It’s great and thanks for writing it.

    • Bob

      You are very welcome Edie, thank you for buying it! Bob

  4. Greg

    Excellent Bob! A first hand account from an experienced vandweller! This will be the bible for all to follow. Congrats!

    • Bob

      Thanks for the kind words Greg. Much appreciated!

  5. Monique (@MamaRvThereYet)

    I bought the book. I’ll post about it on my blog, and I’ll review it on as well. Thanks and Good luck!

    • Bob

      Thank you Monique! I appreciate it! Bob

  6. Sam

    Great job Mr. Wells,
    We are supposed to call you that now aren’t we? Do I see a Prevost in your future? Surely you and Homer will soon embark on a world wide book signing tour. Can I be your tour bus driver?
    Shucks Bob, just trying to say “congrats”. Thanks for helping spread the information.

    • Bob

      Sam, I had you in mind while I was writing. You break all my per-conceived ideas of what an RVer is. So when I was defining what a vandweeler and an RVer is, I had to expand my definition. Oh, and yes, you can drive my Prevost anytime! For those of you who don’t know, a Prevost is a tremendously expensive motorhome, one I will NEVER own! Bob

  7. Molly

    I just found your site yesterday and am so glad I did! Your book is now on my Kindle. Wonderful!

    • Bob

      Molly, I’m delighted you found the site and I hope it proves helpful to you. Feel free to ask any questions you may have here, or on the forum. We all here to help you in any way we can!! Bob

  8. Tina

    Hi Bob!
    I’m so excited you have this new blog! Just bought your book and can’t wait to start reading it. Keep up the good work.

    • Bob

      Thanks for the kind words Tina and for buying the book. i hope it is helpful! Bob

  9. Simply Lesa

    I am so thrilled that your book is available and on kindle. I loved my kindle tho now use kindle software on my andriod phone.
    The book is very thorough and answers many basic and not so basic questions. Thanks for sharing so much so others can have the opportunity and knowledge to join in a unique and healthier lifestyle.
    And thank you for being personally available to answer questions. I am looking forward to the RTR this year.

    • Bob

      Lesa, I also love my Kindle, it’s a tremendous asset for vandwellers. As soon as the Fire 2 comes out, I’m going to get one. I think this year the RTR could explode. In some ways more people makes it harder, but I think having more will still be better. It’s more people than you can become great friends with them all, but you are guaranteed to meet some people who will become deep, intimate, life-long friends. It really can be a life-changing event. See you there!! Bob

  10. maxime

    Hi Bob,
    Just bought and read your book.
    I’m a big fan of your websites and was very happy when I’ve learned about your book.
    The practical aspects that you talk about in the book are really good, but
    for me is the more “spiritual” and “conceptual ” subjects about Vandwelling life are that really got my attention
    The yin and yang of Vandwelling, reconnecting with your authentic self was very good for my soul.
    If you write another book, I will be very happy.
    One suggestion : I do not like to read books on my laptop, a “paper ” version of your book
    would (for me) be a good idea ! Especially in my bath ….
    Bob, thank you very for existing in my “virtual world”… take good care of yourself.
    I’ve you ever thought about a 12 steps program like A.A. but for the anti-consumerism world ?

    • Bob

      Maxime, thanks for your feedback! I was actually concerned that there was too much philosophy in the book. Normally i stick to just the practical, nut and bolts of vandwelling, but in the book I let my philosophical side out. I’m very glad to hear you liked it.
      It turns out that publishing a paperback version is not as hard as I had thought. Amazon has a division that publishes books on demand. So you would order it from Amazon, they would print it out and mail it to you. I think it will be around $5 or $6 dollars. I am shooting to have it ready for this Xmas, maybe by october. BUT no promises. I am still learning about it and I think I can do it, but I’m not sure how hard it will be.
      I am a 12 Stepper, and I think they are perfect to break the addiction to money/spending. However, working the Steps is one of the hardest things a human being can ever do. For most people you have to hit a true “bottom:” either I work the Steps with my whole heart and every fiber of my being, or I die. I was at that point, or I would NOT have worked the Steps. And even then, sometimes death looked better. Bob

  11. Kim

    I just read your book on Kindle. Enjoyed it very much and have recommended it to others.

  12. Ed Winchester

    Any chance you could make it available on Nook?

    • Bob

      Ed, probably not. It’s more time and work that I don’t really have time for and Amazon gives you incentives to be exclusive with them.
      But it’s out on paperback from Amazon for $6.77 I think and you can download a free app and read it on just about any device, your PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone. So you can get it no problem on anything but your Nook.

  13. Stacy

    Anyway I can read some or all for free. I am in the car a small one and can’t afford anything extra….thank you

    • Bob

      Sounds good Stacy.

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