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Finally, I’ve started to work on this page which has a map showing all my camp sites. It’s taken a very long time because it seemed like an overwhelming job but my good friend Karen was kind enough to put together a primer on Google maps so I got it figured out. For  more campsites check out the map at her blog here: Because she is in a wheelchair, her map will contain information on access which can be very good to know if you have any limitations at all, especially if you are just getting older and don’t get around all that well.

You’ll notice that some of the icons are little yellow cars; those designate a long summer road trip so you can follow along as I post them. Right now in June 2015 I am in my Summer Rocky Mountain Tour so all the  yellow cars are in the Rockies from Utah, Colorodo, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and New Mexico. Next year (summer 2016) I’m planning a trip up the Pacific Coast so all the little cars will be in California, Oregon and Washington.

At the bottom of the page is a map to all the campsites I’ve been to. It’s just a standard Google map so you will probably know basically how to move around in it. The great majority of the sites are just a standard Google red balloon pin and if you click on it a box will pop up with more information. All the camps with a Red Pin are free dispersed  camping. The pay sites will have a dollar sign and not a pin. There aren’t many of those because I hate to pay!!

As I add new campsites I’ll try to give more details and as I have time I’ll go back and add more details and hopefully some pictures of the campsite. One thing I realized I should be doing is giving them a star rating so from now on I will. It’s a 5 Star rating with 5 being the best and 1 being the worst.

Also bear in mind,  I haven’t been to some of them for a long time, as much as 7 years ago, so they may no longer be available or may now be fee areas. I’ll try to be sure and add a “last visited” date to it as well so you’ll know when I was last there.

Here is the map, I hope you find it useful. Bringing it up to date is going to take some time so check back often as I add states and more details on campsites. Eventually I’d like to add pictures of each campsite. I may also invite other friends to add their sites. If I do I’ll have them add their names so you’ll know who posted it.       _______________________________________



  1. Jessica Carden

    Hi! Do you have any advice for a work camper couple who does not own an RV but lives out of their vehicle? I have a Kia Soul that we use.

    Thank you!

  2. John

    Hey Bob what was that website where you could find free camping places while traveling on the road? Free

  3. Terri M Stroub

    Thank you for your YouTube channel it is giving me many ideas that I am looking to moving to RVing, Looking forward to more of your helpful information.

  4. deana sandifer

    Hi Bob, I have really enjoyed your videos. Here’s the skinny. Our long term camp site is ending May 31 and I’m at my wits end. I don’t know what direction to go literally. It’s me my husband and 5 pups. I’m trying to find a site that’s longer then 2 weeks, that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Thank you so much for your time.

  5. Vincent Rupp

    Good info. have you camped in the pacific north west.
    If so I would like to see a map with marks for your camping spot. I need nice ones because Im trying to convince my wife to boon dock. She thinks the expensive resorts are best.

  6. Greg Myers

    The free Mammoth sites are near all the hot tubs in the area. Not BLM land but owned by the city of LA all within the Long Valley caldera. Rescarch Hottubs on google and you will find them. Never advised to go during winter months because of lots of snow.

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