MISSION OF HOMES ON WHEELS ALLIANCE: Together we are changing lives, building supportive community, and preventing homelessness one person at a time.

No other age-gender sub-group in America has expressed their interest in HOWA’s mission more than women over 55 years of age, including —

• Women, senior citizens, who have no pension and only a skimpy social security income to survive.

• Women, a generation of caretakers, who raised children and supported husbands, now alone to fend for themselves.

• Women, intelligent females, who invested their energies, creativity, and problem-solving skills in others during their younger years, are now attending to their care of self.

• Women, travelers and adventurers, to whom the road calls and nature tugs.

• Women, resourceful, who discovered that they could transform their vehicles into homes.

• Women, in community with other like-minded nomads, who thrive in a lifestyle that they can fully afford.

• Women, empowered, who are growing in their self-empowerment.

HOWA supports women in their transition from traditional housing to a mobile lifestyle spent in nature, providing —

• education programs for learning the nomadic lifestyle, both all-gender and for women-only (WRTR)

• community events, both in-person and online; some of which are for women only (Caravans & WRTR)

Other services for all genders, but mostly serving women due to demand and participation (not selected on gender) —

• financial support for unexpected emergencies on the road (Emergency Funds),

• vehicle grants for turnkey homes on wheels for the most needy,

• vehicle-home improvements to create more functional living spaces for clients (BYOV),

• a focus on being good stewards of the land, including public-land and town clean-up events,

• an emphasis on a community culture of inclusion, kindness, and compassion.

Suanne Carlson

Executive Director

Homes On Wheels Alliance, Inc